conspectus: a usually brief survey or summary (as of an extensive subject) often providing an overall view


I’m 26, and I live in Brooklyn (yes, the 20something Brooklyn blogger is certainly a cliche). I grew up in an Irish-Italian household where dinner was stereotypical: pasta, or meat and potatoes. Naturally, I grew up to be a vegetarian. I recently finished my M.S. in Education (Higher Ed Administration), and am working at a college in New York City as I look to pursue my specific higher education interests in student development and sophomore-year programs. My first love is hockey, but I enjoy most sports equally as you can see from my tweets.

Coney Island Library, 2010


Cindspectus houses my love of wine and beer, sports, living in NYC, higher education, scrapbooking, vegetarian cooking, and my attempts to catch up on all of the classic movies I’ve missed and to create the perfect home library.


If you’d like to send me an email, please write me at cindspectus@gmail.com. If you’d like to connect in other ways, you can find buttons that link to my accounts on other sites on every page.

Note: Occasionally I’ll write about working in higher education. I love working in the field, but I’m sure I will be critical at times. My views represent neither the institution I work for, nor the institutions I have attended.


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