Fashion Post: Goodbye Ill-Fitting Clothes

It’s been awhile since I wrote about my slow progress in making my wardrobe smaller but better fitting. Since May, I hadn’t bought all that much, and I was fine with that. I got rid of a few things here and there, but wasn’t replenishing my closet. I’m pretty sure the green blouse below was the only thing I bought in June, July, or August.


This month, though, I found myself saying “wait, why am I wearing this stuff?” more than once, so it was time for a little update.

First up: my raincoat. It was nice when I bought it…for $20, at Target, six years ago. It served it’s purpose, but it had lost it’s lustre (originally a nice dark navy, it was now just a washed out blue), and I wanted something that had a few more buttons higher up. The coat I had didn’t button until about six inches below my neck, which sort of defeated the purpose of bundling up to protect against the rain.

So this beauty from Kenneth Cole is on the way (well, the one I bought is a bit darker but I can’t find a photo of it). And thanks to HauteLook, I got it for $60 total, including shipping. I’ll take it! The new one hasn’t even gotten here yet, but the old one is already in the trash. I’m determined to continue the one-in-one-out policy for the forseeable future.


And then yesterday my little spending splurge continued…I still had a $50 Visa giftcard from Christmas, so I decided not to count the first $50 I spent after work towards my budget. I stopped by Victoria’s Secret for some new bras (yeah, seriously, one of my “why am I wearing this ill-fitting garment” moments revolved around a bra). And thennn I went to Uniqlo and bought a nice black tee for work and two pairs of skinny jeans. Promptly returned home and discarded old bras, old tee, and two pairs of Old Navy jeans.

So in one month I got rid of six ill-fitting things and replaced them with much better quality items. I went over budget a little bit, but since I hadn’t spent any money on clothes last month I was able to justify the whopping $5.00 over that I ended up being. In a fit of “must get rid of all the things!” I also grabbed three H&M summer dresses that I didn’t wear at all this summer, and one pair of Banana Republic cords that I bought on a whim last year even though they were two sizes too big. Those guys are all in a bag ready to be donated.

No more whims, no more “well, it’s on clearance!” justifications. I’m getting there.