Adventures in New York: Breakneck Ridge

I’ve been afflicted with various ailments for the better part of two weeks, it’s been a blast. The day I got sick, though, I had a lovely day checking out wedding venues in the Hudson Valley.

The trip from New York City up the Hudson isn’t a breezy one (about 90 minutes each way to the area we were looking at), but it’s always a beautiful one. I can never get enough of that river! As I’ve been out of college longer and longer, the feelings I get about how much I miss it become less about the the social gatherings and more about the environment. Breathing fresh air, seeing some stars at night. Sure, it’s not the middle of nowhere and there is still a fair amount of light pollution, but it’s better than Brooklyn.


We got off the train at Breakneck Ridge, and the tricky part about Breakneck Ridge is that trains only stop there going in the northbound direction until later in the afternoon. That meant that if we wanted to get to the next place we were looking at, we’d have to hoof it to the next closest train station. After walking up a steep ridge, we were able to mosey through the woods much more leisurely. Looking back, I still shudder to think that I was considering wearing a dress in order to put my best look forward for potential wedding coordinators/venue owners. Thank goodness I wore pants.

Breakneck Ridge is beautiful. The hike itself is steep and apparently a very good workout (friends and D have done it before, I haven’t yet), so I was thankful there was a “bunny hill” version to get us to the next train station. It was still so nice, though, to be out in nature and climbing rocks and actually hearing birds chirp. That probably sounds juvenile, I know, but I can’t help it. I just need a nature fix every once in awhile.

So yeah, some pictures, almost two weeks late. I blame the fever, and then the shakes, and then the coughing.


Brook Trail – the easy-peasy one for people not interested in breaking their neck on Breakneck Ridge.


Fallen trees.


We walked by “The Ruins”…what they are ruins of, I don’t know.


More ruins.