Adventures in New York: U.S. Open Qualifiers

After complaining about how I don’t get out and do things anymore, I decided to do something about it. So the Friday before last, D and I decided to head to Queens after work and check out the U.S. Open. The first few days of the tournament are qualifying matches to prepare for the actual bracketed competition, so it is free to the public. I’d heard friends talking about it the last few years, and as a bonus, Queens is way easier to get to from my job than from my apartment, so it was a no-brainer to head there on Friday night.

By the time we stopped for falafel, got to Queens, and went through security (and D had to check his backpack full of bagels they’d been giving away at his office), we got to the outer courts just in time for the last few matches. We were able to grab seats on the bleachers behind one end of the court, with a beautiful view of the the setting sun.

It was a really entertaining match. Both players (Diego Sebastian Schwartzman and Albano Olivetti) were pretty evenly matched, requiring tiebreakers at the end of the second and third sets. They were a little double-fault happy, but overall, a good game to watch. The crowd was really into it (and fairly quiet!), and the weather cooperated.

The U.S. Open has a little “tennis village” set up in the area for spectators to walk through, with plenty of food, drinks, and official gear. Most of the places had closed by the time we got there (again, we just barely made it!), but it looked like a great way to spend an afternoon if you can play hooky for a day.

So, check that one off the bucket list!


Walking on the boardwalk, unused 7 trains in the foreground.


Olivetti serves!


Happy campers.


Schwartzman sizing up the guy he ended up losing to.


Sun goes down, the lights come on.