No Gym? No Problem.

This time last year, I was excited to share that I had once again joined a gym. The gym and I had a healthy relationship for awhile. I would go twice a week, sometimes three, and go cardio-crazy for 45 minutes. I started drinking more water, timing myself on 5K runs on the treadmill, and overall, not feeling too shabby.

My record for a 5K, by the way, was 32:29. I’m not a marathon-er by any means, so I was pretty proud of that. More importantly, the first full 20 minutes was either running or jogging, no walking! That was a pretty big milestone, and I’m glad to have hit it.

But anyway. Now I need to re-prioritize my discretionary income. In addition to further reducing my clothing budget (that never gets used 100% anyway) and starting to sell some of my books online, I’ve discontinued my gym membership. That’s another $70/month in my pocket…or in my new joint-account to be used for silly things like DIY wedding favors and not-so-silly things like a quality photographer. That’s a big chunk of change, which is good. But now that means I don’t have any accountability when it comes to working out.

Uh oh.

I found FitnessBlender a few months back and started doing some of their workouts on occasion. I’ve decided that their videos, in combination with the occasional jog, will make up my new fitness routine. I’ve never really focused on strength and toning, but I know that’s an important part of all that fitness stuff, so there you go. Time to put a little more focus on that and a little bit less focus on “okay! I hit 45 min! I can get off the elliptical now!”.

Some of the Fitness Blender workouts. They have lots more!

Some of the Fitness Blender workouts. They have lots more!

And the best part? Since all I have to do is roll out of bed, move my coffee table and roll out a yoga mat, I can work out before I go to work. What would have meant me waking up at 5AM to get to the gym and home in time to leave for work now means I can wake up at 6:15 and still get in almost a full hour. I haven’t particularly noticed that I have any more energy (and I have no idea if it’s “improving my metabolism” or whatever working out in the morning is supposed to do), but I can also attribute that to not having taken a lunch break in three weeks and just being generally stressed and exhausted at work. Lovely.

Last week’s workouts (if I like the results I will probably continue doing something similar each week going forward):

  • Monday – Cardio, squats
  • Tuesday – Cardio/strength combo, arms
  • Wednesday – day of rest!
  • Thursday – Cardio “Kickboxing”, squats
  • Friday – Yoga-inspired cardio*
  • Sunday – accidental hiking in jeans (long story)

*Wasn’t that big a fan of this one, will probably be switching it out for either pure cardio or pure yoga. Oh well, you don’t know til you try it!

I know I need to get some jogging in there at some point, but it’s a work in progress. This week I only did 30 min workouts, so I’m going to gradually increase to 45 (and then, perhaps, to an hour?). That way there is plenty of time to focus one day on multiple toning routines and another day strictly on cardio. Done and done.


2 thoughts on “No Gym? No Problem.

  1. My gym membership definitely gets higher priority than any sort of clothing budget lol…but I could definitely see how it would be superfluous, especially when there are so many great resources online now to help you work out at home! I also have the Insanity DVD set and would totally be willing to hand it off to you if you want it! i’ve literally done one video and there’s just too much jumping for me!

    • My clothing budget barely gets used but I like having it just in case of sales :). I had a hard time finding workout videos that didn’t have a lot of jumping! Someone needs to make a workout DVD for people that live in apartment buildings and don’t want to annoy the people on the floor below.

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