Guys, goats are adorable and cost-efficient.

The Congressional Cemetary in Washington, DC recently came to own a bit more land. The problem? It was overrun with poisonous plants. Instead of spending $10,000 to get professionals in there with pesticides, they brought in a bunch of goats.

Yup, goats.

Apparently they’ll only cost about 25 cents an hour and poisonous plants don’t harm their digestive system. So they sicced a bunch of goats on the lawn and they will clear 1.6 acres in a week.

Look at how happy this goat is to be eating plants a cemetary.

Good on you, goats. And to whichever creative government employee came up with that idea.

If you need to clear some poisonous land of your own, the company is called Eco-Goats.

Read more about this story over at Yahoo. Credit where credit due and all that.



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