Writing in Transit: The Tube

“What’s that show about, Mom?”

“Oh, it’s about…a teacher that does bad things.”

Two minutes later, same question. “It’s about families that fight each other and there are dragons.”

Grown-ups talk about television a lot when their children are sitting in between them, with ponchos and umbrellas and backpacks full of textbooks and short attention spans.

“What’s that one about, Dad?”

“Well, there are people that advertise things, like cars and headphones.”

Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men. If you need an elevator pitch for something, ask a parent to describe it to their kids. Hello there, succinct sentences.

Writing in Transit is a recurring series of 100-word stories based on my experiences on the subway bus. Posted on Fridays, they’re exactly 100 words. I double checked.


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