Fashion Post: Loving and Letting Go

So, this year I’ve reduced my monthly budget for clothes. I wasn’t spending the full $150/month anyway, and with an increase in rent and utilities (I didn’t realize how nice it was to split bills with three other people!), fashion was the first thing to scale back on. To sequester? Too soon?

I’ve been really good at tracking my purchased and buying a mix of things I need, and things I want. Using Jessica’s trusty list of closet staples, I have been meticulous with the voice in my head saying “do you need that?”. I had to buy a dress for a friend’s wedding, but I made sure I could also wear it to work and out to brunch without looking overdone. I got rid of my trusty black pencil skirt in the move because it had to go, but I just bought a new one from J. Crew on a great discount. For almost two years I’ve been saying that I need to go about fashion this way, but until the last few months, I hadn’t really been doing that.

My closet could use another purge, I think. And unfortunately, the dress I wore yesterday is most likely going to be one of those casualties. I hate getting rid of clothes that I love. It’s easy to get rid of jeans that have a hole in them, or sweaters that have gotten so pilled that I shouldn’t leave the house in them. However, it’s those middle-of-the-road clothes that are harder: sure, they’re a little stretched or faded but they still work! They’re so comfy! I still love them!

No. I need to start letting go. And I need to start with this dress.

I can’t find a picture of myself wearing it, so I’ll have to describe it instead. I bought it at a street fair four years ago (like, four years ago this weekend, I went to the same street fair again on Sunday). It’s black with some white stitched flowers, knee-length, with some eyelet lacing. Guys, eyelet detailing is back in now! I should totally keep it! But when I was sitting on the subway yesterday morning I noticed that the lace is still a nice black, but the rest of the dress has faded to the point where it almost looks like navy blue. In my apartment lighting I couldn’t tell, but on the train and at work it was noticeable. And it looked weird.

I love this dress, but it isn’t of the highest quality and it’s not like I can refurb it to make the dress a nice, new looking black anymore. So it has to go.

…that being said, when I got home it somehow managed not to end up in the garbage.

Someone give me advice on how to be ruthless letting other things go. Because at some point I’ll probably have to tackle my bookshelves too, and I’d rather not do that whilst sobbing over every volume I deem “free market” worthy.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Post: Loving and Letting Go

  1. I’m facing this same dilemma myself. I was going through my closet on Sunday, looking for the right dress to wear to a friend’s anniversary party (it was pouring rain and cold), and I just hated everything. It seems that nearly everything I own is at least 5 years old, doesn’t fit me right, is faded, or uncomfortable…the list goes on. So I’m planning a big purge. The purge to end all purges. And then? Outlet shopping! With a list in hand, of course. A very budget-minded list. I think if you don’t feel your best in something, it doesn’t belong in your closet. Good luck!

    • Ooh, I like the idea of treating oneself to outlet shopping to fill the empty space afterwards! That just might work.

      I read a post recently (on the same blog that I got my list from) about how you should really just take a day to try everything on. I feel like that’s probably the best way to do it all at once, it just seems like a daunting task! But maybe scaling down would make any future “try everything on” days more manageable.

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