Cindspectus Turns One

Today is my blog’s first anniversary! I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks to those that read it, whether you visit regularly or happen to have stumbled upon it.

So, thank you! I somehow ended year one with 219 followers (it’s amazing how much traffic you get when your blog is featured on Freshly Pressed the second day of it’s existence). This time around, I’ve tried to get involved in the blogging community as a whole, rather than operating in my little blog vacuum. I’ve gotten to know so many wonderful people, so thanks for that too.

The last year was a pretty good one. My first entry ever was about not having a smartphone. Finally got one of those. I kvetched about finals and papers, and then I graduated with my Masters. I moved into an apartment with my wonderful boyfriend (who, in the spirit of not calling him “the beau” anymore, I’ve decided to upgrade to “D”). I read a lot, I drank some great beer, and I had some fun adventures. I’m glad to have my space on the web to share it.

Last week, a student I hadn’t seen in months happened to pass me by in the hallway. She stopped, and said, “I just want to let you know, I’m graduating in two weeks! And I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.” Wow. First, I can’t believe I helped her out as a freshman and she’s graduating, holy smokes! It hadn’t sunk in yet that I’ve been here for four years. Second, it was one of those warm, fuzzy moments where I’m glad to be where I am.

I’m glad to be here too. Thanks for joining me. And I hope to be celebrating my 2nd anniversary in the same style next year!


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