Adventures in New York: Warwick Valley Winery

Previously I’d written about visiting two other wineries on the Shawangunk Wine Trail. I hadn’t been able to get to the Warwick Valley Winery due to an event they were having the day we planned to visit, but I got the chance to go this weekend. I’d heard about how wonderful it is from D’s parents, and I’d had my fair share of their Black Dirt Red table wine, so I was looking forward to seeing it in person.

I was not disappointed.

The weather wasn’t on our side, but the rain held off enough for the drive up, parking in the gravel lot, and spiriting inside towards the smells of food and wine. It rained on and off the entire time, but the winery has such a large eating area and tasting room inside that we were able to find a seat and stay dry the entire time. Although I probably would have sat outside if it had come to that.

Warwick Valley has live music every weekend, and the band that was playing on Saturday was phenomenal. Thank you, WV Winery, for having a good website and letting me find their name later on: The E’Lissa Jones Band. Jones was strong on both violin and guitar, and the rest of the band was excellent too. Drinking wine, eating pizza, and tapping my foot to the music (why yes, I am secretly an embarrassing grandfather) was such a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Three bottles for five people? It’s easier than it should be.

The winery has a cafe with pizza, sandwiches, and other light fare. After D’s family and I housed a few small margherita pizzas and a cheese plate (all with a few bottles of wine, of course), we were ready for the wine tasting.

For 5 bucks, you got seven pours, and we handed over the additional $2 for a sample of spirits from their distillery. Have you seen Doc’s Draft Ciders in your grocery store? I see it all the time, I had no idea it was actually made at Warwick Valley. After some whites, a blush and some hearty reds, we got a sample of the cider and then their own Warwick Gin.


Look at that sexy tasting list!

All terrific. The Chardonnay was crisp, the pinot noir just the right mix of dry and fruity. If I hadn’t had to worry about schlepping everything home on the subway, I would have bought up the entire tasting room. Even so, D and I walked out with a Gewürztraminer, the Black Dirt Red and a bottle of gin. Not a bad haul, right?

If you’re nearby, go visit Warwick Valley. If you aren’t, and are looking for a fun day-trip after spending some time in the city, go there. If you can’t do that, then go to your grocery store and pick up a bottle of Doc’s Cider. No questions, just do it.


Only shot of the 2 of us, and it’s blurry as hell. Sigh.


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