Adventures in New York: Walk MS

My plans for Sunday were supposed to involve a trip to Central Park to relax with friends and celebrate a birthday. But when D’s sister asked if we wanted to meet them at South Street Seaport at 8AM to participate in Walk MS NYC, plans changed. We know a few people with MS, but didn’t even know this charity walk was happening. Oops. Once we knew, we couldn’t very well say “thanks, but no thanks”.

And seriously? This walk was one of the nicest routes I’ve done. I’ve done 5Ks in Central Park, Prospect Park, and way out at Floyd Bennett Field, but this one was particularly scenic. It ended up being about 10K, and started at South Street Seaport, went over the Brooklyn Bridge, wound its way through Brooklyn Heights (which I haven’t been to enough since I moved), and then back over the bridge into Manhattan. Gorgeous views, and it was nice spending the morning with his sister and brother-in-law.


Michael Cerveris

Because I’m a fangirl at heart, I was irrationally excited over the opening “ceremony”. Michael Cerveris, aka September from Fringe, sang the National Anthem to get things going. I knew he also performed on Broadway (recently in Evita, which I tried and failed to get tickets to that wouldn’t cost me a kidney), and his voice was velvet. So good.

Then local celebrity meteorologist Mr. G gave the weather report and gave us the official go-ahead to get walking. He’s the weatherman for one of the local news channels, and my mom loves him, so I excitedly snapped a picture to send to her. To his credit, I was not the only one who tried to grab a snapshot while he told us how sunny it was.


Mr. G!

Unfortunately the Brooklyn Bridge is in the middle of some construction, so the views were partly obscured. Our companions had never walked over the bridge before, and while they thought it was great, we agreed to bring them back once the work is done so they can really experience it. And so that we can visit Governor’s Island. We saw it on the bridge, and then again as we walked the Heights Promenade, and it made me anxious to get back there…is it opening weekend yet?


Brooklyn Bridge, you gorgeous thing you.

They’re still counting the check and credit card donations, but after combining the funds raised at the 7 locations that participated this weekend, we’re talking ten thousand participants and two million bucks. I know there is still a long way to go until we find a breakthrough to fight MS (and hopefully eliminate it), but that’s got to help, right?

If you’d like to participate in a Walk MS event near you, the website is right here. They have 600 walks throughout the year, and if there isn’t one near you, there is a link to get more information and donate on the site as well.


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