The Lannisters Cured My Reading Rut

It has been a long time since I had a book post. I guess breaking up with Richard Nixon really did a number on me.

Well, not really. I’ve still been reading, but it just seems to be taking me forever to get through books. I suppose I can blame moving, and packing, and unpacking, and making lists of things we forgot to get after thinking we finally had everything (damn you, salad spinner!).

I’ve been enjoying the books I’ve read lately, but not enjoying them. They’re good, but I hadn’t found myself hoping to take a lunch break so that I could sneak away and read a few pages. Maybe I can blame the weather on this: I was very excited to get outside on those two gorgeous days we had last week, although they seem so far gone by now.

After feeling a bit of reading lethargy (no offense to Tennessee Williams or Jose Saramago, two people whose works I generally like), I downloaded Game of Thrones for my Kindle.

Oh, right, that’s what it’s like to want to read a book in one sitting. For the first time this year (is that possible?) I have occasionally gotten off the express train early to extend my commute just by a few minutes, so I can finish a chapter.

You know a book is good when I’m willing to read it even though hockey is on TV.

Is it particularly well-written? Eh, I’ve read better. But like J.K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin can sure tell a story. Unlike Rowling, he’s done a pretty decent job at fleshing out minor characters as well.

I’m only 65% of the way done with the first book, but I’m determined to finish it before I check out season one of the TV show (which I guess is another motivator!).

I know I jumped on the bandwagon late on this one, but it wasn’t because I didn’t think the books would be good. I just had too many other “eh” books to finish first, and gosh, these books are long. It seemed like such an undertaking, and what with feeling wishy-washy about everything else I’d read recently, I didn’t know if I wanted to invest the energy. I’m so glad I did.


6 thoughts on “The Lannisters Cured My Reading Rut

    • Seriously! At first I was thinking I’d read one, then go to something else, then go to book 2, etc. Now I’m thinking I’m just going to read the first three straight through so I can watch all the episodes.

  1. The books are amazing, and I’ve read all the Game of Thrones books out so far. BUT. While it is fascinating to read the perspectives of both the good and wicked characters… you find more of the story being told from the wicked than the good as it progresses… and when i don’t like most of the characters, I start to lose interest. But that’s just me. :) I powered through the last of the books out because it was conclusive, i didn’t know more were to come until i finished them! That was a bummer. haha. But the first book was great,

    • I had no idea they weren’t all published yet, darn it! I am racing through the second one and I’m sure I’m going to fly through the other ones as fast, so I’ll probably be in the same boat in a few months.

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