Long time no post.

Wow, hey there blog.

My laptop isn’t unpacked yet, and I’m too lazy to type an entire post on my phone. So I typed this up quickly in between appointments at work. Sigh.

After ten hours of stairs, stairs and more stairs (Dan lived on the third floor, I lived on the second, we now live on the third [no elevators, obviously]) we moved in on Monday. My quads are killing me, but not my back, so I’m thankful for the little voice in my head that said “lift with your legs, not with your back!” every time I picked up a box.

Our couch arrived at my old apartment ten minutes after I got off the phone with a woman that told me that, yes, she did change the address and was sorry for the inconvenience that it wasn’t delivered within the window they specified and that I had to bring my moving truck back. Luckily we still had the truck.

But it is done, and I couldn’t be happier.

Below are two crappy cellphone photos of our progress so far. I took these yesterday morning so we are even further along as of right now (I am so thankful that we both had vacation days to burn so we could take yesterday off, it made everything so much easier!)


Work-in-progress living room, complete with shoe rack that will obviously not be there.


Boxes, boxes and more boxes! These are all empty, thank heavens.

And as I was previewing this post I realized that the subtitle text on my new header is blurry, grumble grumble. Don’t look at it until I unpack my laptop and fix it!


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