Embracing My Space

Not MySpace. That ship has sailed.

The beau and I managed to find an apartment, thank goodness! After some stressful evenings of back-to-back viewings, a “sorry, we chose someone else” rejection, and some evenings full of opening Photoshop and making sure our furniture fit into spaces we’d measured, we are set. Done and done. Same borough, same subway stop, same commute, which is almost more than I could have hoped for.

There are good things and bad things, of course (I can’t imagine any apartment in NYC in my price range not having any cons), but overall I’m pretty pleased.


  • Two common areas. One is smaller and right in the hallway, but it’s a great size for our bookshelves and one of my dressers.
  • Two bedrooms. One is smaller (seeing a theme here?) but since we only need one bedroom (living in sin!), the other one will be a dining room. Yes, I’m going to have a dining room and it’s going to be glorious.
  • The bathroom is a pretty good size, and you don’t have to walk through any bedrooms to get to it.
  • See above re: commute and proximity to all of the fun places I am in close proximity to now.


  • The kitchen is small. Like, apartment-fridge and apartment-oven small. There is enough space to put a kitchen cart for some counter space without looking too conspicuous so it isn’t so bad. But as someone that does enjoy cooking, its going to be an adjustment.
  • The living room only has one window, and it’s shoved in a corner. Not a ton of natural light in the room I plan on spending most of my time in, but at least it’s got window.
  • The main bedroom has no closet, so we’re going to get creative with a tension rod and some curtain panels. The second bedroom (dining room) does have a closet so it will give us enough space for both of our hanging clothes, plus some extra storage.

So, there it is. I’m pretty pumped. I’ve been spending more time than I care to admit looking at Apartment Therapy, various organizing blogs and (of course) Pinterest to get some ideas for how to make the space our own. I have been so lucky to have wonderful roommates the past (almost) four years since moving to Brooklyn, but living with so many people didn’t leave much room for me to take pride and own my common spaces. That’s surely a defect of mine, everyone else seemed to be fine, but still. I’m excited to be able to have full control (with the beau, naturally) in all creative decisions.

Most importantly, our couch will match the chair I have in my reading corner right now. It’s amazing what something simple like matching seating will do for one’s self-esteem about a room. I know it’s going to take time to pull it all together, and I know I will be frustrated when it isn’t to my exact liking right away, but I’ll have to deal. I have big plans, I need the time, money and patience to make it happen.

I can’t wait to share it!