Writing in Transit: The Rationalization

“They can’t lock you up for a false phone call. Most of those judges have dogs anyway.”

“Okay, mom.”

“I mean, it was a baby. She wasn’t lying; she is just an animal lover.”

“Okay, mom, sit down.”

She obeyed and sat down, but didn’t stop talking. Her voice was old and scratchy, the voice you’d expect from an old woman with frizzy white hair and a pack of cigarettes sticking out of her pocket. She wasn’t particularly loud, but her son (a grown man in his own right) was embarrassed as hell.

“They can’t lock her up for that.”

*Note: If you want to read the article that this woman was talking about, find it here.

Writing in Transit is a recurring series of 100-word stories based on my experiences on the subway. Posted on Fridays, they’re exactly 100 words. I double checked.


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