Conscious Correspondence & Classic Coeds

I wanted to share two awesome things. They don’t relate, hence the alliterative title in an attempt to link them up.

Thing One: Five Sentences is a personal policy that all email responses regardless of recipient or subject will be five sentences or less. It’s that simple.

I send and receive a lot of email. Mostly work related, but sometimes just to catch up with friends. Why must emails be so long? Surely the same message can be conveyed in five sentences or less. Even if it means that sometimes you need to pick up the phone afterwards (gasp!). Join the movement. And thanks to my friend Clare for telling me about it!

Thing Two: NYU Frat Boys from 1875


Look at them, aren’t they adorable? And don’t they look sort of like those crazy hipsters that are still wandering around Washington Square? Thank you Ephemeral New York for always providing interesting photos.

Is it kosher to write posts like this? You know I try to be more wordy. But sometimes I just want to share things.


4 thoughts on “Conscious Correspondence & Classic Coeds

  1. i am soooo on board with the five sentences rule! i get tons of overly wordy emails at work that i try to counter it by sending the most concise replies possible!

    • I’m not the person most eager to get on the phone, but especially with friends, now I’m thinking that if an email is longer than five sentences, I should just pick up the darn phone.

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