On Having Time For Accomplishments

As cliche as it might sound, I think of myself as a driven person. I am constantly searching for the next thing to tackle, the next thing to accomplish.

Right now, though, I need to put that mentality aside. For big accomplishments, anyway. Little ones can keep coming. I’m done with my Masters, and I know I need to hold off for a few years before I go for my Ed.D so that my experience has a chance to catch up with my education. I am very happy with my job, but at the current moment, there isn’t room to move up in my office, and most likely there won’t be for at least another year or so. I need to be okay with that. It’s hard, but it has to happen.

This weekend put things in perspective just a little bit. My beau’s father had a milestone birthday, and we had a nice surprise party for him. There was a poster board with a selection of photos from the years, and some of them documented the big moments in his life to this point. He’s had a pretty fulfilling life: graduating from college, getting married and having three great kids, working his way through the army and then in civilian life to get to the job he has today. It took time, of course it did, you can only move so fast.

I have a lot of time. I hope so, anyway. I have time to stay in the same job for a year, to take a break from school, to take a summer to stop and smell the roses instead of trying to learn Spanish. I think I can be okay with that.

Some snaps from the weekend. Remember that time I specifically chose hair dye that wasn’t red so my hair would look nice and dark for the winter? Yeah, I don’t know why it’s reddish again. I’m not a natural redhead.


I’m a child, so after this shot I lined up my confetti tanks in flying-V formation.


I love wearing work clothes on weekends. This outfit looked awesome when I went bowling later in the day.


Shadows. It was nice to have sun and a cloudless sky.


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