WHBV, Favorites List #2

Another web roundup is in order. As always, I share a lot of other things on Twitter, so follow me!

– Wine (or the world of finer things): A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of an Etsy shop that sells jewelry made with beer hops. Excellent. I’m especially loving the rings:

Dictionary Hop Ring by BreweryFerment on Etsy

Dictionary Hop Ring by BreweryFerment on Etsy

– Hockey (sports, hobbies, etc): The Rise and Fall of Alex Rodriguez. As a Mets fan, I jumped on the hater bandwagon pretty early on, but it was a good read whether you like’em or hate’em. I forget that he was such a strong, seemingly humble baseball player at one point.

– Books (and all things literary): An Oral History of YOLO, the word that lived too long. Who knew it was first uttered 20 years ago?

– Vegetables (recipes and other foodly things): These peanut butter cup trifles from The Midnight Baker make me want to run out and buy some trifle cups. Right now. Or maybe during my lunch hour.

PB Cup Trifles, by The Midnight Baker

PB Cup Trifles, by The Midnight Baker

– Random Bonus Link! The Guardian did an analysis of State of the Union addresses and ranked their reading levels. Apparently our Presidents have continued to dumb down their speech for Americans that have short attention spans and have reading levels that are still equal to middle-schoolers.

And, for your viewing pleasure, an oldie but goodie. In honor of Rick DiPietro and his awfully bloated contract being placed on waivers, the infamous DiPietro vs. Johnson fight. Where DiPietro’s face appears to be made of glass. Gosh, I’m mean to athletes I don’t like, I guess.


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