Writing in Transit: The Interruption

Minute One:

“Oh boy.” A quick, impatient sniff of the nose.

“Ugh, come on!” A deep sigh.

“Hrmph.” Winter coat sleeve lifted, looking at a watch on the left wrist.

Minute Two:

“This is unacceptable.” Second impatient sniff.

“Ugh!” Sigh.

All witnessed, in one car, during a brief interruption in service. The train remained in the station, with doors open, for two minutes. The horror! Hey MTA, don’t you know that we all have somewhere to go? Two minutes? Unacceptable! It’s…impatient-nose-sniff worthy! It’s qualified for more than a deep sigh!

I wonder if the sniffer got to work on time.

Writing in Transit is a recurring series of 100-word stories based on my experiences on the subway. Posted on Fridays, they’re exactly 100 words. I double checked.


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