My Weekend With Nemo

I love lazy weekends. After a few years of spending Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings reading journal articles and writing papers, I’ve overcompensated by being lazy ever since. This weekend, though, it was okay to have an uneventful one: unless one wanted to trudge through the slush and dirty snow, it was best to lay low.

I did venture out to Brooklyn Bridge Park, though, to check out the snow. While Prospect Park was already littered with kids and there was nary a clean sheet of snow to be found (so I heard from friends), the soccer fields at Brooklyn Bridge Park were still pretty immaculate. And then after gorging myself on Chinese eggplant, we went out for ice cream, because if you don’t want ice cream when there is a foot of snow on the ground, you must not be a true ice cream fan. Although, spoiler alert, I didn’t get ice cream.


The view from my window on Saturday morning.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5, looking towards downtown Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5, looking towards downtown Manhattan.


While friends got ice cream at Van Leeuwen (I know, right?), I opted for an Americano and biscotti. Excellent choice.

How did you fare during Nemo? And, like me, didn’t you tire of Nemo puns two minutes after the first flakes hit the ground?


2 thoughts on “My Weekend With Nemo

  1. My coworkers made Nemo puns ALL DAY on Friday so I was tired of them before the snow even really started coming down! I went to Central Park on Sunday (to run) and there were so many kids! It was crazy.

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