Community Is Back, Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Watch It Tomorrow

Back when Community first premiered, I had no interest in watching it. I had just graduated college, and just started working at a college, I didn’t want to be watching a television show about college too. Besides, the premise sounded uninteresting. However, the beau convinced me to watch it, and I’m so glad we decided to check it out. It’s become one of my favorite shows on TV, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s return after nine months of watching episodes on repeat. The day is finally here (tomorrow)!

If you’ve never watched it, now is the time to do so! The show hasn’t been officially cancelled yet, but it hasn’t been renewed for a fifth season either. It probably won’t be, but that doesn’t mean we can’t send it off with some excellent Nielsen and streaming results. It’s funny, warm-hearted, and has a great ensemble cast (and stellar recurring characters!) that clearly works really hard to put together a fine product for our viewing pleasure. Ok, perhaps not Chevy Chase, but he won’t be around for very long this season.

In case my little pep talk didn’t convince you, here are five reasons that should do the trick (complete with video clips!). You can watch the first three seasons on Hulu Plus. If you’re looking for a quick primer (for free), the last five episodes are available on plain on Hulu and on the NBC website. And then watch the season four premiere tomorrow, February 7th, at 8PM EST on NBC.

1. Community isn’t afraid of being unconventional. Episodes have revolved around video games, diverging timelines (where a literal roll of the dice changes everything), and, as seen below, anime foosball:

2. Troy and Abed are a true OTP (they even made the cut in E Online’s bracket of top TV couples this year). Their “sure, let’s try it, why not?” mentality makes up a lot of the closing scenes over the credits:

3. Dean Pelton, his myriad costumes, and his ability to work the word “Dean” into most conversations. Jim Rash is hysterical, and it’s nice to have seen his role in the show evolve over time.

4. Throwing Betty White into this post has to help, right? Do you see that, magical SEO machines? Betty White, Betty White, Betty White! Seriously though, she was in a few episodes as a crazy anthropology professor.

5. The paintball episodes (the first one in particular). Enough said.

So, go join the ranks of the Greendale Human Beings! And afterwards, let me know what you think!


One thought on “Community Is Back, Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Watch It Tomorrow

  1. yay thanks for this recommendation! I have hulu plus and am always trying to parse out which are the shows actually worth watching. DEF going to check this out!

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