Winehockeybooksvegetables, A Favorites List (02/05/13)

I love sharing interesting things I’ve found on the internet. I share a lot of them via twitter, but others go unmentioned. Since most of the articles I read are written so other people will read them, I feel that a good, quality link that goes unshared is a link wasted. And I love perusing link roundups on other blogs, I’m always interested in seeing what other people find interesting!

So here we are. I’m instituting a semi-regular links post. A web roundup, a “things of note” post, if you will.

My site’s tagline is “winehockeybooksvegetables” (WHBV for short), because those four things sum up so much about me. My link posts will follow those broad categories:

  • Wine (or the world of finer things): Did you know that one glass of brut Champagne has the same calorie count as a tall nonfat sugarfree vanilla latte? I didn’t either.
  • Hockey (sports, hobbies, etc): Four friends have been playing tag for 23 years, and in February, any one of them can become “It” for the entire next year. The elaborate tagging has involved hiding in bushes, cross-country flights, and at times, breaking and entering.
  • Books: What do you get when you mix the Baltimore Ravens with Edgar Allan Poe? A collection of witty (and corny) Poe-themed Superbowl tweets, including my favorite:

And, for your viewing pleasure, Sesame Street’s “Upside Downton Abbey”:


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