Writing in Transit: The Rubik’s Cube

F Train, Thursday evening, happy hour beckons, you’re one step closer to Friday.

Electric blue fingerless gloves dig through an impossibly large tote and emerge with a Rubik’s cube. The cube seems unsolvable, yellow red green commingling on every face. Her fingers are quick, thanks to the aforementioned fingerless gloves. They flash over the cube, her eyes revealing her brain is already four moves ahead.

14th Street. West 4th. Broadway-Lafayette. Solved. It took only three subway stops on a local train.

I stare in awe as the blue gloves dig and pull out another cube, but this is my stop.

Writing in Transit is a new recurring series of 100-word stories based on my experiences on the subway. It’s exactly 100 words, I double checked. I really did see this girl solve a messed-up looking Rubik’s cube in three subway stops, and I really was awestruck. I’m awful at those things.

I hope to have a new Writing in Transit every Friday. I’ll see how that goes! Of course, as with everything, all feedback is appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Writing in Transit: The Rubik’s Cube

  1. This is such a fun theme for a post! I used to write a lot of short shorts in high school and college but haven’t in a while. Your writing is wonderful!

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