Best. Monday. Ever.

The hockey lockout is over, life is good again. Allow me to take a few days break from blogging so I can recover from my shock, anger, happiness, and the other myriad feelings about it. And to read up on what this means for players and fans. In short, the new CBA is supposed to last ten years, so at least we won’t have to go through this awfulness again until 2023. Maybe then we’ll have a network tv contract again (ha, yeah, right).


I don’t even care how silly and surly they look, I’m just so happy it’s back.

Because I’m detoxing, I couldn’t celebrate with a delicious beverage, but finding out about it at 9:30AM on a Sunday did have its perks: too excited to go back to sleep, I took down our Christmas ornaments, threw the tree to our sidewalk, and un-decorated too. Hello, productivity. And since this deal was made, that means that 5 of 6 things on my Christmas wishlist came true! If only those books would miraculously appear on my doorstep, it would be complete.

Edit: So I just won a $50 giftcard to one of my favorite Restaurant Week finds in NYC! If you live in NYC and like Mediterranean food, go check out ilili during NYCRW, and then go back many times afterwards. Thanks nycgo for the giftcard, I cannot wait to use it (I’m looking at reservation times right now). Truly the best Monday ever. Why yes, my standards are unreasonably low.


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