Goodbye Holidays, Hello Detox

Now that life as normal has resumed, and the Christmas cookie recipes are getting buried on Tastespotting, it’s time for a quick detox. I did this one back in 2011 as I prepared for a trip to Ireland, and it worked pretty well, so here we are again. I think right after the holidays is a good time to “start over”, if you will, and clean out before another year of delicious recipes and falafel carts.

The detox I’m using is the first phase of the “Fat Smash Diet“. The diet in full is four phases and lasts a few months, and is designed for weight loss. However, since losing weight isn’t my goal, I’m just following the detox portion for the allotted nine days and then resuming my normal habits.

The premise is simple: stick to mostly fruits, vegetables, legumes for protein, and water. A few other things are allowed here and there such as low-fat yogurt, unsweetened oatmeal, and egg whites. I chose this detox because of the things that aren’t allowed: coffee, bread, alcohol, anything fried or refined. Oils are limited but allowed, and fruits and veggies should be eaten as raw as possible. I’m pretty sure I cut corners when I did it two years ago, but I’m going to try my darndest not to repeat that.

So, I went grocery shopping last night with this in mind. I actually started the detox yesterday, but had enough on hand to make it through day one before my shopping trip. I’m usually pretty good at planning meals for the week in advance, so I only buy what I need (that usually includes pretzels and hummus, naturally). For my detox shopping, though, I tried to be even more meticulous. I’m used to spending most of my trip in the produce aisle, but this time I barely made it any further into the store except for some dairy and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Last time around, the hardest part for me was not drinking coffee! I don’t love water and I don’t really enjoy herbal tea, which is the only tea you’re allowed to drink. But I took a spin down the coffee/tea aisle of my grocery store and stumbled upon a gem: Lipton’s Blackberry Vanilla. I think I’m in love.  Seriously.

This tea will change your life. Or at least, your outlook on tea. (Yes, I initial my food, I have colleagues and roommates).

This tea will change your life. Or at least, your outlook on tea. (Yes, I initial my food, I have colleagues and roommates).

Yesterday’s Menu:

  • Breakfast: yogurt
  • Snack 1: a small serving of granola (the old version of the diet does not allow nuts, but this one does. The granola is basically almonds and oats).
  • Lunch: mesclun salad with beets and black beans
  • Snack 2:  an orange
  • Dinner: egg white omelette with mushrooms, and a bowl of Irish oats with cinnamon, nutmeg and cherries

Somehow I really didn’t feel empty at the end of the day. I was a bit hungry as I was walking home from the gym, but other than that I was okay. I guess I can attribute that to drinking twice the amount of water I usually do. Ugh, I hate when water wins out.

Yeah, I know, I’m not usually one of those people that posts about their entire menu each day and photographs incredibly small portions while pretending it’s oh-so satisfying. I don’t plan on being that person either. I’m not going to post daily updates (besides maybe one at the end), but I did want to post about it once in case anyone else was interested in trying it out. I’m not going to pretend that the meals themselves are so satiating that I don’t miss junk food at all, because that would be a lie, but maybe I’ll post about the supposed benefits of this thing if I see them in myself (better skin, a general feeling of better health, increased energy, etc).

Are you adjusting your eating habits now that 2013 is upon us?

*Obviously I’m no expert in this and my words should be taken as such. This post is not an endorsement or a recommendation for anything besides the delicious taste of blackberry vanilla tea.


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