A few months ago there was a cluster of false alarms called into large public universities. UT Austin and North Dakota State University were among those that were forced to evacuate their large campuses due to bomb threats that (thankfully) turned out to be bluffs, pranks, or whatever else they may be called. At the time, I had written a draft of a blog post about them, because I was angry. Calling in bomb threats disrupts the entire campus community, and evacuation/contingency plans are a nightmare for school administration to plan. In addition, if enough class time is missed, that could have serious implications on the students that sit in classes (and pay for the ability to do so!). It went unpublished because it felt rushed, messy, and incoherent. It was my anger at faceless, irrational people, and the chaos and disruption they cause.

However, I would happily deal with ten thousand false alarms and evacuations rather than face the very real tragedy that happened in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday. I went to college with people that grew up in that town, that went to that school. I know a lot of teachers, and to imagine that any one of them could be placed in that situation is horrifying. As hearts and minds in Connecticut continue try to pick up the pieces, I can’t imagine writing up a post about anything so superficial as what I tend to write about. And so I won’t.


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