Christmas Wishlist 2012

I did this last year on my old blog and wanted to continue the tradition. Also because I wanted to post about the holidays but didn’t want to humblebrag about how well my Christmas shopping is going or how nicely my newly painted living room is decorated.

From last year’s post:

Most people my age are too old to have big Christmas lists.  We don’t sit in front of the television anymore with a pen and paper, waiting for commercial breaks to check out the new toys.  We don’t have to pencil in a visit to the mall to see Santa Claus, assuming that if he doesn’t get our lists personally, we won’t get what we want.  We don’t prematurely name all of the Barbies we asked for, or anticipate the day after Christmas, when we schedule time to play with all of our new gifts in turn.  But even so, we still have some sort of list, things we want, whether they are tangible gifts or just experiences.

My list is a mix of things I would love to see under the tree, things I want to do, and of course, some delicious food and drink along the way.


Without further ado:

  1. A faux fur shrug. I think I’m reusing my New Year’s dress from two years ago again this year (because I love it but barely get to wear it!), but the top is a little plain and I need something to keep my shoulders warm anyway. I think this shrug is perfect. Maybe not this one specifically, but working withing walking distance of Bloomingdale’s is occasionally dangerous, so we’ll see.
  2. Any Christmas list come up with (curate? no, I hate that word) would be remiss if it didn’t include beer. I spotted this Goose Island Christmas Ale at Duane Reade (who knew a pharmacy would have a good beer selection nestled in between the Keystone and Sam Adams?) and now I want to have a bottle or two. It received a good score on Beer Advocate so I’m willing to take a chance. They say it pairs well with smoked gouda, excellent.
  3. I read “Mutiny on the Bounty” earlier this year and really enjoyed it. The other two books in the series, though, are much harder to come by (cheaply, anyway). For Christmas, I would love for perfectly-formatted Kindle versions to magically appear online for me to download and read with a mug of hot cocoa. Of course they’re already on NOOK, sigh.
  4. Without cable, I don’t get to watch as many Christmas specials as your average bear. I can watch whatever holiday movies I have on DVD, and the occasional claymation special that airs on network television (don’t forget Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas!) But the one thing that I never seem to catch, the one movie that was my favorite Christmas movie when I was younger, is Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. From the slightly snarky but dreamy looking Kris Kringle to the dreaded Winter Warlock (and Topper the Penguin), it’s the perfect movie. I just wish I was able to watch it this year!
  5. Cookies are great any time of year, but they’re really great at Christmas. I’m pretty much an equal-opportunity cookie eater, though my favorite are the most simple. Spritz cookies made to look like Christmas trees immediately scream “Christmas is here!”. Luckily for me, my aunt makes a whole bunch of them for our dessert spread on the 25th. (Image via Rasamalaysia, click the link for the easy recipe and gorgeous photos of cookies).
  6. My woes about the hockey lockout are well documented. If I could ask Santa for one thing, it would be for the NHL to get a grip and start playing again. Please? Look at how broken up Semyon Varlamov is in that picture, he just wants to be back on the ice in Denver again.

So, what’s on your Christmas Wishlist this year? Should I skip Goose Island and just stick with Southern Tier’s 2XMas? Should I stop being delusional and come to terms with the fact that the NHL and NHLPA don’t give a darn about fans and that there will never be hockey ever again?

(Actually, don’t tell me that, my disposition can’t handle it.)


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