Uh oh.

So WordPress’ statistics let you see what search terms people use when they end up on your blog.

This week, a few of them stuck out at me as something I wanted to address:

  • “i have a crush on my student”
  • “what happens if i like my student”
  • “i like my student what should i do”

Seriously. All three of those this week alone. For those of you that searched for that term, I would imagine you were disappointed when you stumbled across my post, which was really just about rediscovering my love of my profession. Of my profession. Not my students. I like my students because I enjoy helping college-aged people find their purpose. I don’t like them romantically.

So, in case you come back, here’s a quick FAQ on liking your students romantically:

I’m a secondary/middle/high school teacher and I like my student, what do I do?

You do nothing. Anything you do would be illegal. End of story.

I work at a college and I like my student, what do I do?

Eh, you should still do nothing. That’s a tricky grey area and it’s probably best to find someone else to like. At a bar, or speed dating, or through a friend, or just some other way.

I like my student and I’m searching Google for answers, that’s the way to go, right?

No. Exit out of the internet and talk to a friend or professional. Google has a tendency of eventually finding you the answer you want to hear, and if you do something bad and get caught, saying “but the internet said it was okay” is not a good legal defense.



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