Weekend in Review, Instagram Style

Yes, I was totally that person that loved my non-smartphone. But I have one now, so of course I’m going to use it to take pictures. I lot of blogs I love do “Instagram” posts with nothing but pictures and short descriptions, and I sort of like that (i.e. The Purse Snatcher, who also does a Polyvore post of sorts with highly covetable clothes. ‘Tis dangerous for the wallet!). So I’m giving it a shot. If you’ve already seen these pictures, I apologize for the overkill.

This weekend was a busy one, but only in the greatest way possible. It combined some of my favorite things: getting out of New York City for a bit, but then enjoying all of the great things that Brooklyn has to offer. So really, a quick recaps is about all I ought to post, otherwise I’d bore you to tears with excessive gushing about my adventures.

1. Saturday we took a trip to Bear Mountain for Oktoberfest. Circle Line does a cruise up there, they dock for you to explore for about three hours, and then you head back to the city. This was my third year going, and it was a great time with my roommates and our friends. And honestly, you can’t beat latkes and beer.

2. Saturday evening we went to a concert/event venue in Brooklyn for a great dance party. The event was supposed to be strictly hip-hop, but the DJ invoked artistic freedom and played everything from 80s new wave to Rihanna. Great time.

3. Sunday afternoon Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn was shut down for Atlantic Antic, a big ole street fair. It was chock full of the usual: arepas, funnel cake, face painting and lots of clothing and jewelry vendors. One of the best parts? Sixpoint Brewery brews an exclusive beer just for the event, Atlantic Amber. Seriously, we’ve looked for it during the year, they only bring it out for the fair. So good. But, as you can see, this is a picture of a vintage advertisement, not beer. The MTA Transit Museum (great museum, if you’re in the area) brings out all these vintage buses for you to check out and sit in while you ponder life before air conditioning.

4. Lastly (also in Brooklyn, have I mentioned I love this borough?), the DUMBO Arts Festival was still going in full swing on Sunday afternoon. After a rainy morning some of the art installations were a bit waterlogged, but I really liked this bit in the children’s section. It reminds me of how, in college, hanging a tapestry was a perfectly acceptable way to decorate your dorm room.


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