New Month, New Job!

After three years of working in Student Accounts and Financial Aid, I’m moving on up! Today I begin my tenure as Academic Advisor. Same school, same students, just working with them in a different capacity.

It was an easy decision for me: I want to work with students in a way that doesn’t involve money. Financial aid, the student loan burden, and financial literacy are still really important causes to me, but now at least I can advocate on behalf of students without, at the same time, processing their cumbersome private bank loans. It’s hard to tell students “borrow only what you need” and to try to impart on them a sense of fiscal responsibility only to have them say “but I need to live in a $1200/month apartment”. It’s hard to see those same students graduate with mountains of debt and then finally realize they borrowed more than they should have. It’s hard to do that while at the same time knowing that I was the one that enabled them to do so. At least now I can continue to stay involved in the fight, but as an impassioned outsider, not one of the parties involved.

Anyway, I digress. I’m thrilled to be starting this new position, and thrilled to start making more of an impact on my students’ lives. My new Dean said he ordered a new nameplate for me so that it says “M.S. Ed”, and perfect timing: I received an email from my graduate school that my diploma is ready to be picked up!

Things are finally coming together, and October is looking to be a standout month!


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