Accountability, Meet Gymcountability

Remember that time I said I was going to work out regularly in my beautiful backyard, Prospect Park? Yeah, that didn’t happen.

A month later, I have yet to break out the sneakers and go for a jog. I used my fancy-schmancy Nike Training App once or twice total, not once or twice a week. Whoops.

I guess I’m the sort of person that needs a little more motivation than just posting something online. That’s where money comes in, right? Of course. So tonight, my friends, I’m signing up for The Y. Again. I was a member of the one near my old apartment, but then I moved. It was still close enough to go, it just wasn’t as convenient so I went a little bit less. And then I started back at school again, and I wanted my free evenings to be filled with friends, not exercise machines, so I went less. And then I stopped altogether, and cancelled my membership.

But the second chapter of my misadventures at the gym will commence shortly! Since their current promotion is to waive the joiner’s fee, I figured now was as good a time as any to sign up. And if I’m paying for a gym membership, I’m going to use it (at least enough times to get a partial reimbursement through my health insurance, heck yeah).

I just need to buy a new combo lock, since I stupidly never wrote down the combo on my old one. Excellent.

Time for some gymcountability!

On another note, though, I still love my park. I’m doing their 3rd annual 5K fundraiser in November, and would you look at that, me and my bright pink pants are on the cover of their event page. If you are feeling kind and generous, head to my donation page and send some money to Prospect Park.


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