Wow Instagram Is Like, Hardcore

I’m fairly technologically savvy, but when it comes to some things, I’m completely in the dark. Before I got my iPhone, all I knew about Instagram was:

  1.  They were recently purchased by Facebook in a strange deal where Mark Zuckerberg was planning his secret wedding and pulling the wool over his stakeholders’ eyes at the same time.
  2. You take photos, add filters, and share.
  3. It seemed to be dominated by pictures of cats and food.

I think that’s a pretty good summation. Instagram was one of the first apps I downloaded when I got my new phone, and I was anxious to see what all the fuss was about.

I didn’t realize it until recently, but seriously? Instragram is like, hardcore. No sooner did I start taking pictures that I noticed that people were making collages in a single photo. Or using other filters that weren’t part of the standard app. When I asked them how they did those things, the response was “oh, it’s the so-and-so app”.

Wait. I have to download another app to optimize my Instagram experience? No way Jose, I don’t have enough room on my phone for that, I’d rather have an extra song or two than a second, third or fourth Instagram app.

And then I found myself wondering how people could look at your feed without having the app, or by viewing it on their phone. What if I was on my laptop and wanted to view a friend’s photos? I stumbled across a link on  blog I follow, where she encouraged her readers to follow her on a third-party website. Oh, there are other websites for that too? Apparently.

So I found myself registering for Statigram, because that one seems nice. You can follow me here (or click the little button on my homepage). And on that website a whole other world opened up to me: those people that hashtag up the wazoo, that’s for a real reason? They don’t just like using the pound sign? No way.

I realize that perhaps I sound incredibly stupid, naive or out of touch by being so fascinated by all of this, but seriously. This is blowing my mind.

I guess I should post one of my own photos, since I’ve spent this entire post amazed by the damn website. In a way, I’m sort of glad I figured this out, I was trying to determine the best way to compile those photos in one post without uploading them all one-by-one from my phone to my blog. Now it seems easy peasy.

Instagrammed books.

This is my reading corner. Yeah, I said I would wait and find the perfect chair, but I got impatient. After a flurry of a weekend buying the last few things, it’s complete (which means my room is done too). And I’m so excited about it.


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