That Time I Finally Made Something Pinterest Worthy

I hopped on the Pinterest bandwagon early. Being an early adopter has pros and cons: pro, you get to hipster-brag about it (“I liked Pinterest before it was cool,” etc.) and con, you get tired of it just as everyone else is ramping up with excitement. I realized quickly that Pinterest, while fun and a great way to lose several hours of your life in front of your computer screen, also has the power to make you feel inadequate. Your dinner of veggie burgers and salad isn’t good enough. Your final-sale-clearance-rack-Banana-Republic wardrobe isn’t good enough. Your living space isn’t good enough either. Not wanting to feel this way, I took a step back.

That being said, I still wanted to make some improvements. To have a touch of Pinterest-worthy living. A few months back, I purchased a bunch of vintage French postcards, knowing that somehow, someway, I was going to put them on my wall. Now that I’m in a new space, I decided it was time to make that happen.

The postcards in question. Thanks, EBay.

I perused gallery walls online. I spent more time than I should have on Apartment Therapy, trying to figure out the perfect mix of symmetry and haphazardness that makes a wall of pictures look so nice. I stared at some real-life inspiration: my design-savvy friends had a wall of colorful open-back frames in their apartment with miscellaneous magazine photos and other artwork. It was exactly what I wanted…but because I’m me, I wanted mine to look a lot more traditional. More chunky wooden frames and natural colors, less brights and pop art.

Speeding up the story: took a trip to Michael’s on Sunday. Walked the aisles putting all sorts of different frames in my cart, hoping they’d look nice together when I got home. Asked beau for feedback, walked the aisles again. Used coupons on my smartphone like a boss. Got home, laid out postcards. Meticulously measured the wall. Nailed nails, picture hooked picture hooks. Stood back, straightened, admired.

Gallery Wall, Vintage Postcards

My favorite part.

My epiphany moment: I realized some of the postcards had actually been cancelled by the post office and had writing on them. I decided to shake things up and flip one over before I put it in the frame, and now it’s my favorite part. It’s in French so I don’t know what the words are, but I still like it. And it almost passes muster as a pinnable project. Mission accomplished.


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