Arrested Development Meets Modern Dance

Beginning his “Koo Koo Ka Chaw” cha-cha with a demi rond de jambe and his arms cutting the space with what begins as a port de bras, Pop-Pop quickly begins his own intricate improvisation of bras croisé, slides into second and so much more. George Sr. utilizes the tempo of his Chicken call to poke at his son’s lack of cajones while pivoting in place to change his position. Very en vogue! Of all the Bluth crew’s, George Sr.’s dance combination show the most variety and spatial awareness, as he uses a balancé de coté to incorporate a dining room chair into his routine. As a master of disguise and King of Kabuki, his Chicken demonstrates innovation while encapsulating an ability to go with the flow and, most importantly, his son’s inability to fly the coop and lay a hen.

Splitsider has a  hilarious article breaking down the various chicken dances from Arrested Development. I love the show, and while I never perfected a rond de jambe, I did dance for fourteen years growing up. Wanted to share a nice, quick post on the Friday before a three-day weekend.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Koo Koo Ka Chaw!


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