What Are the Odds? The Pants Edition.

The two scenes below happened in less than twenty-four hours. In front of my very eyes. On back-to-back subway rides. Scout’s honor.

Scene One

Location: 6 train, downtown local

Characters Involved: Cute couple in their early 60s, cute lady in her early 60s, me as awkward innocent bystander.

Female half of cute couple finds a seat and sits her butt down. She’s relieved, it’s hard to find a seat on the 6 train during rush hour. Male half of cute couple, always the gentleman, stands in front of her.

Cute Lady Flying Solo (CLFS): “Excuse me, sir.” (she doesn’t see that said “sir” is with the woman he’s standing in front of).

Always the Gentleman (ATG): “Yes?”

CLFS: “The sticker with the size on it is still on your pants.”

CLFS proceeds to help the man take the sticker off, which is uncomfortable to watch as his own lady is sitting right there. She’s powerless, her arms pinned to her sides on the crowded subway seat.

ATG’s Wife: “Oh, you know, he was just trying to show off his size, tee hee.”

Oops, embarrassing, who forgets to take that sticker off their pants? I’m guilty of leaving a tag on here or there. I’m also guilty of walking into a tree and having a leaf stuck in my hair for an entire subway ride without noticing (true story), but I’ve never forgotten to take the pants sticker off.


Scene Two

Location: 4 train, uptown express

Characters Involved: Mousy 20something standing with a book in her face, nicely dressed 20something sitting down, me as an awkward innocent bystander (again).

Nicely dressed 20something pokes the leg of mousy 20something, reaching across the aisle to do so.

ND20S: “Excuse me, you forgot to remove the sticker on your pants.”

M20S: “Oh, thank you!”

M20S quickly removes sticker and luckily finds a seat so she can bury her face further into her book.

How often does that happen?! And now lightning struck twice! I tried Googling “how often to people forget to take the sticker off their pants” but it didn’t come up with anything useful. Just stickers of pants and, interestingly, stickers you can put on your pants (…why would you want to do that)?

The moral of this story: If you buy new pants, make sure you take the sticker off.


6 thoughts on “What Are the Odds? The Pants Edition.

  1. I would be so embarrassed if I left the sticker on my pants. I always search my new pants to make sure it’s not on there… I guess that’s what happens when you are chunky like me and don’t want to share your pant size with the world.

    • You know what? Jeans have such crazy size variations from store to store that I don’t even think size matters at this point :). I don’t know how they get away with it, but you can be up or down three sizes in different store, it’s crazy!

    • I’m sure I made it more awkward by staring too! To both of those people it was a one-off incident, the second time around I’m sure my face had this awed sort of look.

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