The Great Room Redo of 2012

Over the course of a few weeks, this blog has had a bit of a tangent into self-improvement. Setting fitness goals, trying to eat better lunches, etc. I decided that dedicating at least part of this blog to tracking the progress of these sorts of things isn’t the worst thing in the world. I’m going to let them all fall under the umbrella of “Best Practices”, or “I have no reason to be dissatisfied with any of the things I can change”.

First up: changing my living space. Not a room “redo”, per se, but an entirely new space. My lovely roommate of 2+ years is moving out September 1st, and while I’ll be sad to see her go, the blow is cushioned by the fact that she’s: a) not moving too far, b) still going to be around often, and c) moving out of the biggest room in our apartment. Since I will now have seniority, that means I get the big room! It’s at least 1.5x the size of the one I have now, so I’m pretty thrilled.

Inspired by Apartment Therapy, Pinterest, and the million other places where people go for inspiration, I’ve decided that now is as good a time as any to do a little bit of a revamp. Today, actually, is my three year anniversary living in Brooklyn, and the room I’m in currently was thrown together hastily: I grabbed my dresser from my parent’s house, bought a bed-in-a-bag that matched a large picture I owned, and called it a day. Now that I’ll have a little more space to work with, and now that I’ve hit the big quarter-century mark, why not buy something new? At any rate, it will be good to have some matching furniture when I ultimately move to wherever I want to be.

My only problem at this point? Now that I’m done with school, I’ve grown anxious. I fixate on little things, like worrying three days in advance about the best way to get from one neighborhood to another in time for a get together. I’ve never been a particularly anxious or stressed person; maybe I just have too much free brain now that after I leave work, I don’t have to really think about anything. If this sounds like the beginning of my slow descent into neurosis, rest assured I’ll be fine after some stretching and breathing exercises. And maybe some carefully thought-out to-do lists.

The fruits of this anxious labor are a guestimate of where everything is going to be, as well as a detailed shopping list and game plan to put together my new space. Items are as close to scale as I can imagine:

Oh, the joys of Photoshop.

Yes, that upper right hand corner is a reading nook, which is the part I’m most excited about. It’s towards the bottom of my priority list and won’t be done until much later in the month, but I can’t wait to have a comfy space to curl up with a book. Since I won’t have a closet (the only downside to this, really), I decided to double my dresser space and make use of an iron ever once in awhile. Currently my pants are on a shelf in my closet, they’ll be put in drawers. So will a lot of the random junk, belts, scarves, extra shampoo and other things that are stowed in the closet. I’ll have part of a hallway for my use, which is where coats and things that just shouldn’t be folded will go.

I decided to go with Ikea furniture, but in my effort not to buy fiberboard or whatever that cheap material is, I’m buying furniture from their Tarva collection. Those pieces are solid pine and seem a lot more durable; my mission this weekend is to get all of the pieces covered with a coat or two of polyurethane. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m excited to be putting all of this together and hope it comes out as nicely in “real life” as it looks in my head. It’s far from my dream room (that would include a walk-in closet and an actual working fireplace instead of a mantle where the fireplace is covered up), but I’m grateful for the chance to get some more elbow room and make the space definitively Cindie!


3 thoughts on “The Great Room Redo of 2012

  1. Good luck with the redo and congrats on the added space. I’ve been in the same place for a year now, and my room has finally become a place I enjoy spending time. One of the first things I did when moving things around in my room was to create a reading nook. I searched Craigslist for awhile before finding the chair I wanted for a decent price, and then set it up.

    • I think I’ll be going the Craigslist route as well for a reading chair. There are a ton of great thrift stores with furniture near me, but they never seem to have comfy chairs! For a moment I was considering splurging for a nice one from West Elm or something, but then I perused their website and decided I’d rather be able to buy groceries instead :).

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