District, Monuments, Walking, Part 2

This is a continuation of my DC recap post*! Our second day in Washington DC was hot and sticky…naturally we were still determined to get in as much walking as possible. After a quick breakfast courtesy of our fridge and complimentary coffee in the lobby, we were off bright and early to tackle the West side of the National Mall. While the day before had been museums and more museums, Saturday morning was all about the monuments.

There are just too many to show pictures of, but they were all equally awe-inspiring. I was able to see the World War II Memorial and the MLK Memorial for the first time, and there were a few that I just didn’t remember, so it was like seeing those all over again too. Jefferson, Lincoln, everyone knows those. So I figured I would share some pictures of the lesser-known memorials, the ones that I wouldn’t have noticed myself except that I had a trusty walking tour brochure with me. We hit every stop on that map, with the exception of the Albert Einstein Memorial. Sorry, Albie, but you were over the highway and we just didn’t have the energy to get over there. Again, my apologies.

George Mason Memorial, off the beaten path near Jefferson.

The DC War Memorial is the only monument in the District that honors World War I soldiers.

In Constitution Gardens, the 56 Signers Monument has all 56 Declaration signatures.

We finished up this loop in the early afternoon, and headed back over to the Smithsonian Castle and the Air/Space Museum, since we hadn’t gotten a chance to go the day before. Lunch came next at a really great little tea spot off the mall. I lingered over lunch a bit, guzzling water and mentally preparing myself for the second half a day where the heat just wouldn’t let up. Part two of our day included an extensive tour of downtown and then the Federal Triangle. We hit about mile fifteen on the day when I figured our legs wouldn’t carry us any further, and decided that it was a good time to hit the hotel and regroup before dinner (it was after six at this point. so I considered the day a successful one).

Clara Barton’s office was recently rediscovered and will be the newest museum in the area. I wish it had been open when we walked by!

Flower by Stephen Robin in Woodrow Wilson Plaza, which seems like a great place to eat lunch if you work there.


I think we were at the hotel for all of fifteen minutes, at which point the skies opened up, but by the time we got back outside it had cleared up! Talk about perfect timing. Thai for dinner and a bar with a delightful beer selection rounded out the evening. The next day we had just a few hours before the bus back to New York, so we hit the Barracks and a farmer’s market for one last walking tour. All in all? A quick but really, really nice weekend in the DC area. I would absolutely be lying if I said I didn’t take a quick perusal through the job offerings at DC colleges when I got home. I could live there, maybe one day I will.

Sunday morning at the old Naval Hospital.

If having more than one post about a weekend away seems excessive, keep in mind that I haven’t taken a full, Monday-Friday, flight and hotel vacation in two years. I’m one of those people that enjoys being busy and doesn’t like taking off of work (but I’m not one of those people that complains about said self-imposed busyness).


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