Fitness + Public Post = Greater Accountability

When I participated in my first NaNoWriMo in 2006, one of the piece’s of advice from the website is that you should tell everyone you know that your goal is to complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. The more people you tell, the more people can ask you “how is that going”? The more people that can ask you that, the more motivated you are, unless you feel like telling all of those well-meaning people, “oh, that? Yeah, I stopped that two days in”.

I figure the same principle is true for working out. The more people you tell that you’re trying to start getting in shape, the better, right? So consider this my public proclamation. Ask me “how’s that going?” so that I have to work enough to respond “great, actually”.

I don’t plan on joining a gym. I don’t plan on losing weight (I’m quite happy with my current weight). What I’m looking for is to just to start working out again, to build my endurance and flexibility, and maybe to tone up a bit. I belonged to a gym back in the day and went a few times a week, but cancelled my membership when night classes and a move farther away made it difficult to get there. I have some small weights. I have a yoga mat and a fitness app on my phone. I have gorgeous Prospect Park just a short jog away in which I can walk, jog, or run to my heart’s content. I just need to start doing it, and getting on a schedule that is manageable.

One hour three times a week. Starting this next week*.

I know what you’re thinking, didn’t I just take up a big closet overhaul endeavor? And aren’t I working on cultivating a great bookshelf and trying to read up a storm? And, if you’ve seen me in person, haven’t I been excited about getting some new furniture and switching things up as I change bedrooms in my apartment? Yes, yes, and yes. But for me, resolutions and goal setting happen best at the end of the summer, when the world is in “back to school” mode and September offers the bright chance at a fresh start.

So here I go. Ask me about my progress every once in awhile, will you? I need that accountability.

*Yeah, yeah, I know, procrastinating already. This week is a little booked up because I made plans before I decided to do this. I’m aiming for twice this week, so sue me.


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