Serious Grownup Fashion Time

Many moons ago (aka last year) I attempted to up the sophistication of my wardrobe. Choosing higher-quality pieces, more wardrobe staples, things of that nature. It worked in some ways and failed in others: I bought a few nice things, but quickly fell into the trendy fashion craze (even though nothing I bought was that trendy). As I stare at other women’s nicely put together outfits on the subway, I realize that even though I look like I spent some time getting ready in the morning, I just don’t look polished.

Enter Serious Grownup Fashion Time.

It’s time to actually invest in staple pieces*. It’s time to buy shift dresses and wear better jewelry. It’s time to get nicer shoes and take care of them. It’s time to buy better dress pants in classic cuts. It’s, dare I say, time to visit a tailor every once in awhile. I’ve been blessed with a body type that doesn’t change much, so if I put the effort and money in now, it will pay dividends for awhile.

I abandoned Pinterest for awhile but I think this new endeavor is the perfect time to break in a new pinboard and start finding some outfit inspiration. Not trendy or cheap, but city sophisticate. My goal is to be a person that someone else looks at and thinks “wow, they look really put together”.

I sort of want to start with this bag from Fossil:

Fossil Vintage Revival Flap

I’m going to need to take extra good care of things. aren’t I? I think I can I think I can.

*Invest can also be read as “find staples from good brands at thrift stores if they’re in good condition, and maybe foot the bill for some dry cleaning.


2 thoughts on “Serious Grownup Fashion Time

  1. I’ve had a similar realization. And I absolutely LOVE Fossil and that bag. I have a Fossil bag (a different one than the picture) and it has held up through everything, and still looks fashionably destressed.

    • That’s good to know! I try to take good care of my stuff, but shoes and handbags in particular just end up getting worn down very quickly. If I’m investing in a nice handbag, I definitely think I’m going for Fossil.

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