This is a Lucille Ball 101st Birthday Appreciation Post

If Lucille Ball was still alive, she’d be 101 today. And probably still making people laugh. Although I suppose technically she still does: I Love Lucy still airs in repeats in 22 languages across more than 75 countries.

I’m a big fan, as most people find out about me pretty quickly. In middle school, I brought my lunch to school in a vintage I Love Lucy tin lunchbox instead of brown-bagging it. I own all six seasons of the show (I know the Lucy/Desi Comedy Hour is packaged as 7/8/9 but I don’t count those). I recently watched Too Many Girls, the college musical where Lucy and Desi first met.

Did you know that, even though the world is celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee, more people in America tuned in to watch the episode of I Love Lucy where she gives birth to Little Ricky than the Queen’s coronation that same year? In case that isn’t impressive because it’s across the pond, Lucy also beat out Eisenhower’s inaugural address. Boom.

So the rest of this post? Yeah, it’s just going to be pictures of her and her beautiful mug (some cameos by Desi). Since everyone has seen stills from Lucy, I figured I’d post some from others. Happy 101st, Lucy!

(Credit for these pictures is lacking, sorry. I grabbed them all from Tumblr, but those kids don’t actually own them either. A fair amount are photos from Desilu, RKO and from the Arnaz family personal collections/archives).


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