8 Things You Should Know About That Other Guy in “The Watch”

Now that “The Watch” is out in theaters, if Americans have good taste, they’ll be all over that other guy in the movie. You know, that one that isn’t Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. I thought I would be helpful and provide the must-knows about “that guy”.

In no particular order, the eight most interesting things about Richard Ayoade, where interesting = things us Americans may want to know:

    1. His last name is pronounced “ah-yo-ah-day”, not “ay-yo-ade” or anything else you can think of that butchers it.
    2. Yeah, he’s sorta black, but he’s actually British born to a Norwegian mother and Nigerian father.
    3. He’s not just an actor, he’s a pretty fabulous writer and director too. See his directorial debut, Submarine. It’s on Netflix, so there’s no reason not to.
    4. Speaking of Netflix, he was in a dry British comedy called “IT Crowd”. His co-main character is the cop from Bridesmaids, and it’s a pretty funny tv show. Watch it.
    5. He’s good friends with the guys in The Arctic Monkeys, and directs music videos.
    6. He’s downright handsome:

      Handsome, right?

    7. That Pulp Fiction/My Dinner With Andre episode of Community? Yeah, Richard Ayoade directed it.
    8. He’s got a terrific sense of humor. You can see some of his more brilliant moments on YouTube, include GB’s “The Big Fat Quiz of the Year”.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the intelligent reviews I’ve read say that it’s a pretty good satire on a bunch of film genres. So I’ll probably see it, and brood over Richard Ayoade and wonder why I didn’t meet him before I met my beau…which would have been weird, since I would have been 20 to his 30.


6 thoughts on “8 Things You Should Know About That Other Guy in “The Watch”

    • Yes, I’m glad to see that he’s (hopefully) going to become a little more mainstream in the USA, as long as that doesn’t mean he has to resort to potty humor or other stupid things :).

  1. Lol, great post, Ayoade is definitely one of those actors I’d love to see more from. I just started watching IT Crowd recently and as someone who loves dry british comedies it hit the spot quite nicely. (Also love the tidbit about the Arctic Monkeys, I saw them in concert recently and they’re definitely up there with my favorite bands to see live) I only wish he had received more screen time in The Watch as he was often the only character I enjoyed “watching”

    in any case I look forward tor reading more, feel free to check out my review of the movie and happy blogging :)


    • I have heard from a few people that he’s the most interesting in the movie, that’s a good thing! It’s too bad he didn’t get more screentime! At least if his performance is well received he’ll be featured in larger roles in the future.

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