So many tours, so little time.

Hello, walking tours.

Tomorrow I’m leaving to head to Washington, DC for the weekend. I’m pretty excited; I haven’t gone since high school. And by high school, I mean since before I was old enough to wander around a city by myself, consume adult beverages, and decided I liked eating almost every kind of food under the sun. So I’m looking forward to making my own plans, checking out some cool beer bars, and trying some food that doesn’t come from a museum food court.

I have a problem, though: I like planning trips too much. That map above? I downloaded ten more just like it, and each of those tours is upwards of 90 minutes. Doing the math, there just isn’t enough time. That’s okay, we’ll pick and choose, but I think if I say “oh, you know what we should do,” one more time to my beau, he’s going to snap.

See y’all when I get back!

P.S. That picture was taken on my new phone. Yes, I caved and finally bought a smartphone. A part of me died inside as I turned off my non-fancy phone for the last time, but I’ll still hold onto it in case of emergency.




2 thoughts on “So many tours, so little time.

  1. Have fun in DC! My recommendation (unsolicited of course) is to pick one or two tours and a museum to look at. I love DC. I grew up in the area and spent many weekends in the Smithsonian museums. :)

    • Thanks! We did a few tours and perused some of the museums. The last time I was there the American Indian museum was still under construction, so we popped in there for a bit, it was great!

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