Things I Love: Living Blogs Edition

Hey I like blogging, but life’s been crazy, so here’s a short post, please don’t hate me.

I actually think I like reading other blogs more than I like writing my own. Which is a good thing, right? Because if everyone just wrote their own without participating in the ~greater blogging community~, it would be kind of lame. The two blogs below are two of my favorite “living” blogs. They’re not actually living, although I’m sure at some point in our future, technology will advance to the point where blogs are satient, living creatures. No, they just revolve around the home. Rather than making me feel inadequate with loads of DIYs and homemade pickling techniques, these are either just silly, or incredibly innovative (to the point where I can’t even think “why didn’t I think of that?” because I know I don’t have the mental capacity to do so).

First up: Catalog Living

From the website: “Elaine, this is exactly why we tell the chairs we’re coming back from vacation a day later than we actually do.”

Catalog Living has a basic premise: it takes those overdone photos in catalogs and adds captions, highlighting the ridiculousness of the spread. The captions are written as if every picture is from the household of the same fictitious couple, the clueless and utterly pretentious Gary and Elaine. Now that the blog creator has a book out (about the blog, naturally, so go her), her posts are interrupted by advertisements to buy it, but putting it in your RSS reader allows you to skip over that pretty easily.


Second: Shoebox Dwelling

Design by Orla Reynolds for her “As If From Nowhere” collection.

Shoebox Dwelling is a blog full of designs for small spaces. You don’t need to be living in a 400 sq ft apartment to appreciate the ingenuity of the designs, though. For example, the photo above features a bookshelf/sitting area that hides a table and two chairs. Some of the designs are more visually pleasing than others (the same can be said for practicality), but they’re all really interesting.

What are your favorite living blogs? Are there any Reader-worthy additions?


3 thoughts on “Things I Love: Living Blogs Edition

  1. I agree – reading blogs is much better (and easier!) than coming up with posts sometimes. You picked some good ones! :)

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