Where’s Your Emmy Nom, John Noble?

Nerd Alert. Emmy ranting and Fringe talk ahead.

I don’t know why I bother getting annoyed by Emmy nominations. They’re the same every year, and the same quality actors, actresses, and television shows failed to get recognized. The shows that do get nominated? They’re great too, particularly the dramas. But still. As a loyal Fringe viewer since day one, I am still amazed that this cast doesn’t get nominated. Ever. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, but I am. They consistently have great performances (even when the plot or writing are sometimes lacking), and they have nothing to show for it.

This same post could apply to most of the actors on this show, but I’m focusing on John Noble because I think his absence is the most glaring. But feel free to replace the post title with “Where’s Your Damn Statue, Anna Torv?” or “Why the Hell Don’t You Get to Write Award Acceptance Speeches, Joshua Jackson?”

I suppose there isn’t enough room on the ballots for Astro Alex Astrid, but perhaps Jasika Nicole can win some awards for her handbags instead.

So, where’s your Emmy nom, John Noble? Not that you yourself need convincing, but in case others need a reason, I’m going to link to two of his scenes this year. These are just two of many that were hit out of the park. Noble’s ability to portray entirely different characters (even in the same scene) is uncanny. A lot of shows don’t allow provide their actors with opportunities to show such a range, but Fringe wouldn’t do it if their cast wasn’t so goshdarn good at it.

This scene is him “our” Walter, from the finale, and it’s positively beautiful.

He had less of a chance to play “Walternate” this season, in comparison to the year before, but that didn’t mean he dialed those scenes in by any means. Even just the way he carries himself sets Walternate apart as a completely different character that just happens to look like Walter.

And a bonus video, because it highlights the subtle differences in each of the characters. Here, Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole and John Noble are all playing more than one character in the same room at the same time. And, in the words of Ted Mosby donning his red cowboy boots, “pulling. [it.] off.”

I’m not knocking the nominees in the Best Supporting Actor category (heck, I’m excited for David Robert Jones Jared Harris), but show me where any of those guys plays upwards of four characters in the same show, and I’ll eat my hat. So where’s John Noble’s Emmy nomination, Academy?


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