Hipster Patriotism

There is a severe lack of red, white and blue clothing today.

That’s because it’s not hipster.

That was an exchange between me and my beau (respectively) while we were walking to the grocery store last Independence Day.  We live in an area that’s divided between parents with strollers, and hipsters.  In the grid of what’s acceptable to wear as a hipster, patriotic clothing isn’t quite mainstream enough to be banned from their wardrobe, but it just simply isn’t ironic enough.  Wearing red/white/blue on July 4th is quite literal (or whatever the antonym to ironic is) indeed.  Also, if the outfit looks too nautical, they’re afraid of bleeding into the “preppy” category.  It’s a fine line!

But that got me thinking…there must be some hipster clothing that is socially acceptable, yet patriotic at the same time, in a sort of ironic way.  Or at least, in a “it was a coincidence I wore this today, I’m too cool to dress like a flag” manner.

Sidenote: This post is purely partially in jest.  I have a lot of friends that border on hipster, I don’t mean to make fun.  I’m just providing clothing options as a burgeoning fashionista.

Sidenote 2: I have exactly two shirts I wear on patriotic holidays.  One is blue/white striped, and one is red.  I finally updated my repertoire and now I have nice blue shorts (thank heavens cobalt is in right now). That’s right, I’m shaking things up a bit.

Anyway, onward with the hipster patriotism fashion show.  I think any of these articles of clothing would be a good mix of irony, fashion, and good old Americana (as I’m typing this I realize that traditional Americana is probably much less mainstream than Old Navy Flag t-shirts or just wearing red/white/blue).

First, I’m not going to link to the million tye-dyed shirts there are on Etsy.  Throw on a tye-dyed shirt with high-waisted jean shorts and you’re set.  That’s it.

So, the things I am going to link to this year:

This vest is on Etsy (click the shorts for the link). Light denim and just a touch of red, white and blue.  Dude!  Grab this vest, and a classic children’s bow for your flowing locks, and you’re golden.   Etsy is honestly overwhelming with hipster patriotism, just go there and look.

If you’re looking to go vintage (and what hipster doesn’t love a good vintage piece), than look no further than ModCloth.  They have a whole section of their site dedicated to Americana Essentials right now. Like this dress, much of their patriotic garb is of a pinup variety this year, and what hipster doesn’t want to look like they’re headed on a USO tour? I’m still eyeing this great scarf , although it hasn’t been restocked so I think I missed out on a goodie.  As a matter of fact, my great-grandmother had a scarf like it, maybe it’s still in the family.  Because going legit vintage and borrowing clothes from your elders is way cooler.

Well wouldja look at that, American Apparel has a whole patriotic section.  This tank is a) “mid-length” to go with your high-waisted shorts, and b) being worn by a surly model. A+.

Gents, don’t fret, there are plenty of options for you too! Urban Outfitters has a whole section just for you. Which doobie smoking dude wouldn’t want to show their pride with this tank? Wear the flag and make a statement about your stance on legalizing marijuana at the same time. Don’t worry, they’ve got a bunch of other clothes and accessories too.

Moral of this story?  Hipsters, you’ve got options, get the heck out there and wear some red, white and blue.  At this point, being patriotic isn’t all that mainstream anyway.

Note: This is an edited post from my previous blog, I wanted to share it here. A fair amount of it has been updated, but it’s partially recycled.


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