The Golden Hour

There are times when I wish I was more “grown up”, and had more responsibilities. I wish I owned a house where the vegetable garden needed tending to, or the crown molding needed a fresh coat of paint. I wish I ran my own business and needed to do inventory or come up with a new marketing effort (yes, I know no one else actually dreams of doing these things, but I’m weird, I get it). However, there are times when I’m really glad I don’t have to be responsible for anyone but myself. No children to make meals for, no employees to professionally develop.

This feeling of relief mostly comes around eight in the morning on the weekends: I wake up, and happily, I can go right back to sleep. But I don’t want to sleep the whole day away, do I? That’s a waste of a Saturday or Sunday. Even though I don’t have much to do, I don’t want to squander away my time off from work by sleeping.

There is a golden hour: it’s 10AM. It is, isn’t it?

Consider the following scenarios, and tell me they aren’t your exact thought process. Of course, this only applies to people that don’t have gardens to plant and children to do homework with. Which is mostly just us lazy twentysomethings that say they’re content with relaxing all weekend but secretly hope for a greater purpose.

Scenario 1: You wake up at 10AM.

Oh, isn’t it a beautiful day today? Let me get up, get ready, and enjoy it! If I start moving now, I can be ready for adventures by eleven. That’s practically the entire day! Even on the shortest day of the year, there is plenty of sunshine still remaining at eleven. I can get errands run, I can catch up with a few friends, I can knock something off of my insert-current-city-here bucket list. Woohoo!

Scenario 2: You wake up at 10:30AM.

Oh wow, I really slept in, didn’t I? I guess today is going to be a lazy day. I’ll take my time making coffee. Then maybe I’ll lounge around and watch some tv. By the time I’m ready for the day it’s probably going to be noon. Wow, noon? I should go to brunch, that’ll make me feel better about sleeping late. Brunch should be accompanied by some mimosas…wow, now it’s three o’clock already? The only thing I’ve done of any value is making sure I’ve sopped up the last of the syrup on my plate so the dishwasher doesn’t have to. Ugh, now I’m going to have to run my errands tomorrow, it’s too late to do it now. Maybe I should just stay in tonight, I have a lot of movies on my Netflix queue that need catching up on…

Last weekend I really slept in, both days, it was bad. Scenario 2 all the way, except that instead of brunch I didn’t leave the house until the late afternoon when I went grocery shopping. Not this weekend, my friends, I will be productive!


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