I’m Sorry If I Ever Made You Feel This Way (About Harry Potter)

I can’t escape that book. You know, the book with the tie on the cover. The book that everyone seems to be reading, whether it’s on their Kindle on the subway or on the bench during their lunch break. I don’t even want to say the title because I don’t want anyone to find my blog by searching for it.

I’ll call it “73 Shades of Blah”.

Everywhere I go, it’s there. I go on to my favorite celebrity gossip website, and there is an article about how someone is rewriting Jane Eyre to be some sort of erotic summer beach book. Jane Eyre! When you start messing with the classics, you get on my bad side*. My department’s director was just given 73 Shades of Blah to read by her daughter. Cue ten minute conversation with four other people in my office about:

  • How they couldn’t put it down
  • How they are waiting until vacation to read the others so they have uninterrupted time
  • How it’s “romantic” and “actually has a story”
  • How it would be funny for everyone to bring their copies in and pass them around so we can all read it

I don’t want to be in a 73 Shades of Blah book club. I have too many books on my to-read list, let alone other things that I’d rather be doing than reading Twilight fanfiction. I don’t want it popping up on my Facebook newsfeed or my Twitter feed or my Google Reader or anywhere else. I don’t want it blocking good looking books in the bookstore front window, which it’s currently doing at no less than three bookstores I pass by on a regular basis. Do. Not. Want.

I’m sorry if you like the book. I’m sorry if, for one second, you considered recommending it to me. I’m sorry if I ever made you feel the way I do right now when I was discussing Harry Potter. Or LOST. Or anything else that I loved that I wanted to share. I get it now, that feeling of having a book forced upon you is kind of crappy.

* This doesn’t include Jane Austen. I could care less if her characters are fighting zombies or what have you. I’m not much of an Austen fan.

Sorry I’ve had two book posts in a row, I promise I have other interests.


12 thoughts on “I’m Sorry If I Ever Made You Feel This Way (About Harry Potter)

  1. Your post is refreshing since I feel the same way. So many people are saying I “MUST” read the book. No. (:

    • The funny thing is that I never read Twilight either, nor do I think I gave off the impression of wanting to read that trilogy. Although most people I’ve heard talking about Shades of Blah didn’t realize the book’s origins.

      • My S.O. subscribes to EW; when it addressed the books, it highlighted the Twilight link immediately, so that became part of my first real impression of the book. I’d heard much to-do–sans a single specific–about the books by the time I started that article, so I was stunned.

  2. Thankfully, most of the posts I get about it are people talking about how they “don’t get it”, or writing parodies of the whole thing. Even that’s more than enough for me, I think. I don’t know how I’d deal with everyone all starry-eyed and saying that I must read it. Um, no. :P I don’t think I did this to anyone wrt Harry Potter or Young Wizards, but I hope I didn’t. It just reminds me to be mindful. :)

    • Exactly, it’s been an eye-opener for me. I’ve told my beau multiple times to read The Hunger Games and he just doesn’t want to. Fair enough, now I know I need to respect that no means no :).

  3. I’m so glad that other people feel the same way about the book that I do, I really don’t want to read it. From what I’ve heard about it, the character is similar to Bella Swan from the Twilight books and I can’t handle that, I don’t do that sort of weak female character, bad role model.

    • Right, when you come down to it, it’s still a romance novel. That’s just not (and never has been) my thing, and this book in particular won’t sway me to to dark side!

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