That’s What I’d Like to Call “A Book Overhaul”

I love reading, I really do. I think, for awhile, I forgot this important thing about myself. Other things like school and work and socializing have gotten in the way. Recently, though, a friend of mine was keeping track of the books they were reading, so I looked back to my list of books read in “the dark days”: the months between college graduation and landing my first job. I had lots of free time (there’s only so much time that can be spent sending out resumes), and I read voraciously. I miss that.

I want to read voraciously again. And I decided that, now that I’m almost done with school again, the only thing holding me back is me. Me and excuses.

No more! I did a complete book overhaul in the course of the last few weeks. Beware, if you don’t enjoy reading you’re going to hate this post. It’s legitimately all about how I organized my future book goals. You’ve been warned.

Brooklyn Public Library, you beautiful thing you. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons).

  • First, I dusted off my year-old GoodReads account and actually started utilizing it. I had signed up before but hadn’t delved into the tool available. I organized my books, put them on virtual shelves, and joined a few book clubs. I don’t plan on participating actively in the discussions, but they’re a great way to find books to read.
  • Had fantasies of setting up my own little reading corner. It wouldn’t work in my current room, but a girl can dream, right? A girl can also peruse the “furniture” section of Craiglist to get ideas for a comfy reading chair and side table, right? Okay, good.
  • Culled the lists of book recommendations I had asked for on several occasions from various friends. I have emails, Facebook comments and statuses, etc. It was time to put them together and compile a to-read list.
  • Grabbed my trusty library card and made more lists on their website: one for Kindle books and one for physical books. Most of the ones I want to read have wait lists, so I thought it might be useful to keep track and stagger my waitlist entries so that I don’t get fifteen books at once.
  • Set a goal for myself: 50 books for 2012. To date, I’ve read 20, so I have a ways to go. But I think it will happen.

If you’re interested in following my progress, just stay tuned. I’ve already done a few book posts, and of course those will continue (not to overload territory though, promise). I’ll also be keeping track of my reading on the page “A Short History of Books“. And if you’re just dying for up-to-the-minute updates (I know you’re not, just humor me), you can keep tabs on my GoodReads profile.

Do you have book recommendations? My tastes are somewhat varied, but at the same time, not so much (I’m working on it!). I love nonfiction, sports, history, literary fiction and classics. Let me know what you think I should read (just know that there are already 40something books in my “to-read” pile).


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