TILT: Real Time World War II

I’m just going to cut to the chase on this one, it doesn’t need much of an introduction. Real Time World War II is a Twitter account that sends short “this day in WWII history” tweets. They’re currently in the year 1940.

There are many reasons to love it, including but not limited to:

  • They have mastered the balance of tweets/day. Not too many, not too few. As of this post they have 3,109 tweets, but they’ve been operating for at least a year now. Averaging around 10 tweets a day, maybe that’s more than a casual Twitter user would want to see, but I think it’s perfect. Considering the breadth and depth of the subject matter being covered, it’s a small number.
  • The account isn’t simply “on today in 1940, x and y happened”. That’s boring. They tell personal stories, use quotes (and occasionally pictures), and form a narrative in the span of a few 140-word snippets:
  • Since they’re currently in the “pre-Pearl Harbor” years of the war, it’s a great way to see what was unfolding in the time before the US got involved. I know that my history classes in school barely addressed the war pre-US with the exception of “Hitler was bad” and “Allies vs. Axis was blah blah”.
  • The things they choose to post are just generally interesting. For example, this one from last week:

There are a lot of people on Twitter: a lot of them do nothing more than attack other users who criticize Chris Brown. Real Time WWII is one of those quality accounts that you should just have on your feed. At least for the next five years.


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