Sixteen Years of Sisters – The Beginning

My family has always been one of those families that loves taking photos. Everyone had a camera, and everyone needed to take their own version of the same picture, and then go ahead to get doubles developed. Remember getting doubles of your photos? I’m sure some people have a hard time remembering a time when you had to load film into a camera, and you couldn’t retake a picture until it was just so, but since we had so. many. cameras and took so. many. photos, I remember it fondly.

After four years of college, I’d taken around 4000 pictures, but they were all digital. While they were nicely organized in folders on my computer, and nicely organized into albums on Flickr or Facebook, I didn’t have a good tangible way to flip through them and to revisit those memories. So I got into digital scrapbooking. A few years later, I’ve completed several digital scrapbooks, including a massive, nearly 200 page volume with a good deal of those 4000 undergrad photos.

Now I’m working on a special project for my youngest sister, who is turning sweet sixteen in July (she doesn’t use social media and doesn’t know about this blog so it will stay a secret, shh!). I’ve compiled about 100 “sister” photos: all three of us (I have another younger sister too), or just her with one of us. Some of them are scanned from photos taken when she was a baby, other more recent ones taken with love from my family’s digital photo collections. I’m going to put together a digital scrapbook and get it printed in time for her birthday; hope she likes it!

Me and the little sister, a long time ago. Pay no attention to the awesome fringed vest I’m wearing.

In the style of my favorite digital scrapbooking designers, it will be in the minimalist fashion: lots of negative space, clean lines and a simple color palette. I figured I’d share some of the progress in the next few months, hope you don’t mind!

Some things/details:

  1. I’ll be using products designed by paislee press. Liz is my absolute favorite digital scrapbooking designer and all of her stuff is inspiring. Her templates were the only way I got through that college scrapbook in any sort of timely manner.
  2. I’ll be publishing through Blurb. Quality books, fast producing/shipping, and very easy to use software. And their small square books start at only $10 (which is what you’d spend on a nice pack of just scrapbooking paper, not to mention fancy embellishments or printing actual photos).
  3. I’ll be designing the pages completely in Photoshop and then importing them as full 7×7 photos, because I’m a control freak and want everything customized down to the letter.

I’ve been through the motions a few times but this is the first time I’ll actually be sharing the progress of one of my projects as I go along (hello, greater accountability!). I know I’m no expert on digital scrapbooking, but I’ve converted a few friends to the idea: let me know if you have questions! I’d be happy to point you in the direction of some resources, designers, and helpful advice.


4 thoughts on “Sixteen Years of Sisters – The Beginning

    • Thanks! I hope she does :). And honestly, I can’t rave enough about how awesome digital scrapbooking is, I’m positive I wouldn’t have had the time or patience to put all of those pictures in traditional scrapbooks. Let me know if you need any suggestions for resources!

  1. “Everyone had a camera, and everyone needed to take their own version of the same picture, and then go ahead to get doubles developed.” – That’s how my family was and still is. We have so many angles of the Liberty Science Center and Williamsburg. Also, you’ve inspired me for a long time to scrapbook, but I don’t do them digitally. I’ve printed out a lot of pictures and made a few as gifts and as remembering vacations. It would be awesome to try a digital one though!

    • Yes! Every picture is at a slightly different angle! (And don’t get me started on how, in half of them, someone is blinking because so many pictures are being taken). I had a hard time reconciling with digital scrapbooks for vacations because I had brochures or receipts that I wanted to use. But now I scan those so I can use them digitally.

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